If hip or knee pain is limiting your ability to move, there are many treatments available. Find out what causes joint pain.

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Looking for medical help to manage joint pain? Find your nearest orthopaedic specialist and hear from others like you.

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Considering joint replacement surgery? Find out how hip and knee replacement surgery works, and the latest advances to improve recovery time.

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What is hip or knee replacement surgery really like? These tips will help you prepare. Stryker patients can log in for pre-surgery exercise support.

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Helpful tips for your initial recovery as you settle in at home. Log in for a guided post-surgery exercise program.

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About Stryker

Find out why Stryker is a leading medical technology company, in Australia and worldwide.

A retired teacher could no longer participate in the activities she enjoyed. "The pain was terrible, I had to go up stairs one step at a time".

The new Stryker Hiker ™ iPhone App!

Stryker Hiker is an interactive pedometer that tracks your route, walking activity and kilojoules burned.