Is knee replacement surgery right for me?

Surgery is a difficult decision. Talk with your surgeon to understand all the risks and complications before making a decision to undergo total knee replacement, but remember osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, and that means the disease, and your pain, is likely to get worse over time.

Your surgeon can guide you on whether knee surgery is likely to be beneficial in your situation.

Watch this short video to see if you might be a candidate for knee surgery. Please note this information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and you need to discuss all option with your doctor.

Knee surgery procedures

Knee surgery procedures

Restoring your mobility for the long term

If arthritis or knee injury is limiting your everyday activities, such as walking and bending, and you still experience pain when resting, your doctor may recommend knee replacement surgery. It can also overcome the stiffness in your knee that limits your ability to move or lift your leg.

Knee replacement surgery is considered after careful diagnosis of your joint problem. If anti-inflammatory drugs or if other treatments, such as physiotherapy, are providing little pain and mobility relief, you may wish to discuss this option with your doctor.

Next Steps

Contact your GP or health professional to discuss your options