Before you leave the hospital

You will be able to leave hospital when you have reached certain rehabilitative ‘milestones’, such as getting in and out of bed unassisted, or walking a short distance. Your surgeon will assess whether you can go directly home or somewhere that can help further with your recovery and rehabilitation. Your hospital will discuss arrangements for your continued rehabilitation, which may include visits with a physiotherapist or staying at a rehabilitation care facility.

Make sure you understand how and when to take pain medication prescribed to you upon discharge. Ask questions about anything that is not clear. It is also important to know how to clean and care for your incision. 

Rehabilitation during your hospital stay

Rehabilitation during your hospital stay

On the day of surgery

It may come as a surprise to you that after total joint replacement surgery you’ll be encouraged tobegin physiotherapy almost straight away. When you have woken, your physiotherapist will help you move from your hospital bed to a comfortable chair.

You’ll be encouraged to get up and start moving around as soon as possible, even on the same day, depending on your surgeon and how quickly you are recovering.

Most patients who undergo total hip or knee replacement begin standing and walking with the help of a walking support and a physiotherapist by the next day.

For more information on how to recover and regain mobility, settling in at home and what to expect for your recovery, go here.

Next Steps

Contact your GP or health professional to discuss your options