Managing stairs

This will be practised with the Physiotherapist. This is to ensure that you can manage this safely with your current walking aids. If you feel anxious about managing this at home it may be useful to have a friend or relative with you initially. You may also wish to write out the routine and stick it to the wall at the top and bottom of your stairs as a reminder.

Remember going up steps:
good leg leads up first,
then operated leg,
then crutches.

Down steps:
crutches first,
then operated leg,
then good leg.

Watch a short video on how to do this

Exercises for before and after knee replacement

Exercises for before and after knee replacement

It is important to be as fit as possible before undergoing a total knee replacement, as it will make your recovery much faster. To enable a fast recovery so you may get back into the activity you previously enjoyed, it is very important to follow an exercise rehabilitation program. This will ensure the muscles of the joint recover their strength and maintain a stable joint.

Following the operation, your physiotherapist will help you with the initial exercises and help you be able to reach certain milestones before you leave the hospital. You will be sent home with an exercise program and will be expected to attend clinics and further physiotherapy appointments in order to continue to progress through your rehabilitation program.

The following information is a general guide to types of exercises and what to expect, but the individual program your physiotherapist or surgeon has prescribed should always be adhered to. It is important that you consult with your surgeon and /or physiotherapist as to which exercises are best for you, how often you need to do them and how many times to repeat each exercise.

Seek advice from your health professional before starting any new exercise program.

If you find these exercises difficult, build up to the suggested number gradually.  However if any exercise is too painful, stop it immediately.

Watch a video of all exercises

Or view individual exercises

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Next Steps

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