Commit to your exercise program

Strengthening exercises after joint replacement

To enable a fast recovery so you may return to activities you previously enjoyed, it’s very important to follow an exercise rehabilitation program. This will ensure your joint muscles recover their strength and maintain stability.

Following the operation, your physiotherapist will help you with the initial exercises and help you reach certain milestones before you leave the hospital. You will be sent home with an exercise program and will be expected to attend clinics and further physiotherapy appointments in order to continue to progress through your rehabilitation program. You may also like to ask your physiotherapist about available rehabilitation classes. These classes get you out of the house and can be fun. By following your individual rehabilitation program you will increase your ability to exercises comfortably and confidently.

This website has resources to help you with your exercise program – ask your surgeon to provide you with a login to Strykercare Patient Resources, where you will see:

  • A general guide to rehabilitation exercises
  • Photos and short videos to demonstrate how they’re done
  • A daily exercise reminder sheet that helps you track your recovery

These resources are a general guide to types of exercises you may to expect, but the individual program your physiotherapist or surgeon has prescribed should always be adhered to. Seek advice from your health professional before starting any new exercise program.

Exercises before and after hip replacement                             

Exercises before and after knee replacement                  

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