Carl's Story

Up until the age of 51, Carl Savino had endured the pain of degenerative hip disease and the resulting negative effect on his life. "From age 22, I've kind of lived a life that's been almost disabled because I was limited to sports activities and certain things I couldn't do."

The disease, called Perthes Syndrome, is a deterioration of the circulatory system on top of the femur. Because of poor circulation the top of the bone flattens out and arthritis and pain becomes a permanent fixture.

While waiting to make up his mind about what to do about his problem, Carl's hips deteriorated to a point where he felt surgery was his only hope.

His doctor advised Carl not to wait too long because in this day and age hip replacement was a wonderful thing and he could have a great life as opposed to being disabled.

Carl took his doctor's advice and was glad he did. Since surgery, "My life has practically made a 360 degree turn. I started to walk. I played a round of golf, first time in my life on Sunday. Actually probably the best thing is I'm pain free." But there are other benefits as well, somewhat intangible but of even greater impact. "I remember people saying to me, 'you know we used to see you before your surgery and it always looked like you were in pain and you were grimacing and there was a certain look you had. And you're just, your aura has changed completely…'"

Carl has his own explanation for the upbeat change in his attitude and relationships. "I feel like a little boy who has gotten a bicycle for Christmas. And this little boy always wanted a bicycle and he finally got it. And he rode it and he rode it and he had this feeling that it was too good to be true… it's a great quality of life."

Now that the pain of joint disease is a burden Carl no longer deals with every day, the result of surgery has been an improved outlook on life and the relationships that surround him.

Individual results may vary. Not all patients will have the same post-operative recovery and activity level. See your orthopaedic surgeon to discuss your own potential benefits and risks.