StrykerCare Patient Support has been developed in consultation with orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists to help you maximise everyday of your recovery. The program is intended to compliment but not replace the advice provided by your surgeon, hospital and physiotherapist following your surgery.*

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StrykerCare Patient Support offers you the following:

  • Patient Pack containing some important information on preparing for surgery and tips and hints on maximising your recovery. The booklet can travel with you to medical appointments and become an important partner to get you back to doing your normal daily activities. This pack contains the following:
  • DVD with information on surgery and rehabilitation to support a smooth and speedy recovery. It’s also a great way to explain your planned joint replacement to your family and friends.
  • Implant Identification Card for use in situations where you need to identify yourself as a joint replacement recipient. As joint replacement implants may activate metal detection devices, this may be helpful at checkpoints at airports when travelling.

To receive additional information and support during your recovery, you can decide the level of support you would like to receive:

  • Online Patient Resources provide even more information on getting ready for surgery and maximising a successful recovery. You can view videos explaining joint replacement surgery and rehabilitation exercises, and access information on Stryker products and mobile health apps. You can also read stories about other people that have experienced joint replacement.
  • Mobile Apps – download useful apps like Stryker Hiker, an interactive pedometer that tracks your route and walking activity. Use this with your surgeon as you prepare for joint replacement surgery and also post-surgery to help track your recovery.

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*The information provided by these resources is for educational purposes only. Stryker is not dispensing medical advice. Only your doctor can make the medical judgments about your recovery. Always refer to your surgeon or clinic for individual medical advice.